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When it comes to great rates on renters insurance, Richmond, VA residents look to Virginia Insurance Group.  We represent more than one insurance company and we work for you so our goal is always to find you the best rates for your situation.  Just complete our online quote form and we’ll do the shopping!

Many landlords are now requiring Richmond Virginia apartment insurance, and the professionals at Virginia Insurance Group want to help you obtain the lowest apartment insurance price for your needs.

Richmond Apartment Insurance: What Should You Consider?

Insuring your apartment is important so you can protect your valuables in the event of an incident. And, with great rates, "renters" insurance is a wise decision whether you are renting an apartment or a room in a house. 

What does renters insurance cover?  In a nutshell, renters insurance covers your belongings against perils like fire, theft, windstorm and some types of water damage.  Since it’s a package policy, it also includes liability coverage.  Liability covers you in the event of a lawsuit due to your negligence, such as a dog bite or a fire because the coffee pot was left on.

How much does renters insurance cost?  A basic renters policy can cost as little as $75-$100 per year depending on a variety of factors, such as geographic location, type of building construction, prior claims, and amount of coverage selected.

Can renters insurance save me money on my auto insurance?  Absolutely, Virginia Insurance Group represents several different companies that offer multi-policy discounts for a renters and auto insurance combination.

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